Potto Station

A History of Potto Station

Potto Station

Help Needed!

If you have any comments about the website or any information about Potto Station (such as old photographs, memories) I would love to hear from you. Most of the photographs on the site have been collected from local people, some from a keen cyclist from Middlesbrough who had been out and about in 1959 taking pictures and brought them to show me 40 years later!
There are many gaps in the history page - I know nothing of the occupants of the house between 1908 and 1945. Someone out there must be able to fill me in with some facts.
If you want me to contact you please leave your details below (including a phone number) and I will arrange to see you. Great care will be taken with any documents and photographs, which will be returned to you immediately after they have been scanned into the computer.

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